Maurice Lacroix is the first to develop and produce an all-silicon escapement in collaboration with the Haute Ecote Arc Ingenierie based in Le Locle in Switzerland; this automatic movement is equipped with a complete set of escapement parts – entirely made of silicon.

Maurice Lacroix timepieces are manufactured from the finest materials, to the highest standards, by the most talented craftsmen and women. They use a scratch resistant sapphire crystal and each watch is engineered so precisely it can run for 3044 years (using the same amount of energy it takes to power a TV left on standby for one night).

At Maurice Lacroix, they understand and work with time every day, so it should come as no surprise that they have made the most of their time, knowing that every second counts, and that is why they have achieved so much in so little time.

Since the development of their first watch in 1975 Maurice Lacroix have won scores of awards and an abundance of patents for their unique, innovative timepieces. With over 40 years of incredible achievements, the company has cemented its place among the respected watchmakers of Switzerland.

Maurice Lacroix’s aim is not only to preserve the traditions of Swiss watch making but to innovate and expand on that tradition. They handcraft all of their own groundbreaking designs, from magnificent faces to flawless movements. The result is a collection of timepieces that uniquely merge heritage and tradition with cutting edge engineering. Maurice Lacroix have written their own history and will continue to redefine the future of watch making.