TAG Heuer has been the pioneering Swiss watchmaker since 1860. TAG has been the world’s leader in prestigious and high precision chronographs, creating and crafting contemporary timepieces and accessories resulting from an extraordinary combination of technology and designs. While TAG Heuer is an innovator in technology – drawing on more than 150 years of watchmaking expertise – it is equally innovative in design.

TAG Heuer conducts in-house more than 60 assessment tests on its timepieces, exceeding industry’s requirements. Every single TAG Heuer is 100% tested for water resistance and all of their automatic movements are controlled during production. The high level of TAG Heuer quality is founded on the rigorous choice and continuous monitoring of all its suppliers and their products. Throughout the manufacturing process, each component is subjected to numerous tests and controls designed to verify how carefully it has been made.

TAG Heuer’s avant garde production facility is in line with its ambitious prediction; “it will be the brand that produces the most in-house chronographs for its own needs in 2014”.

Technology and aesthetics – but not technology for the sake of it, TAG Heuer never create anything gratuitously, they always know why they are doing a particular thing. Timeless yet contemporary timepieces – one Swiss watch out of every 10 sold in the world is a TAG Heuer.